offer a range of spray painting and coating services for all industries and applications.

For nearly 30 years, Selleck’s Recoating Service has provided our Clients within the retail Food and Beverage sector with the highest quality products, workmanship, service, and support.  We pride ourselves on the local manufacture and delivery to the market place of 100% Australian owned and manufactured parts.

We are the leading supplier of commercial refrigeration components to suit any and all globally available brands.  Given our products are locally manufactured you can be assured of our on time delivery nationwide no matter how remote your location.

Our 2nd production plant in Caboolture, Queensland provides us with the ability to supply in line with our long established Victorian Headquarters at Seaford. A recent upgrade to latest technology machinery at both premises ensures our manufacture of the highest quality products are well in excess of industry standards and enables us to produce a far wider range of items to meet all your needs. Both sites are conveniently located close to main highways for easy access and fast delivery.

We provide Australia-wide on-site services for any sized project and the experienced team at Selleck’s Recoating Services will ensure your project is completed to your specifications, within deadline and on budget.

No job is ever too small or large for our company, we continue to we pride ourselves on being able to satisfy customers requirements either on site or within our factory, providing you with minimal lead times and guarantee the highest product upon completion.


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This is an extremely efficient method of coating as it allows an even coat of paint to adhere to the object including the hard to reach areas and gives a very high quality, smooth finish.


There is a wide range of colours available and items can be colour-matched to ensure integration with your existing decor.


We use industry standard machinery and tools to complete our on-site or factory-based fabrication works


Our experienced team can easily come to your site, Australia-wide, and deliver the same outstanding results that we achieve at factory, at your site, at a time convenient to you.