Electrostatic Spray Painting

This is an extremely efficient method of coating as it allows an even coat of paint to adhere to the object including the hard to reach areas and gives a very high quality, smooth finish.

Electrostatic Spray Painting is ideal for on-site projects as the technique virtually eliminates overspray, and the efficient transference of material reduces the requirement for masking and drop sheets.

We have the facilities to be able to Prepare, Paint & Bake items within our low bake oven at our Seaford Premises. Internal oven measurements are 8m x 4m.


There is a wide range of colours available and items can be colour-matched to ensure integration with your existing decor.


We use industry standard machinery and tools to complete our on-site or factory-based fabrication works


Our experienced team can easily come to your site, Australia-wide, and deliver the same outstanding results that we achieve at factory, at your site, at a time convenient to you.


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4/15 Lear Jet Drive,

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PH 0401 748 440